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Residential Roofing

Not every roof installation is installed the same. At Bucci Roofing+ LLC, our roofing goes on to exceed Rhode Island code, not just to meet it. This is for good reason – we want your referrals! With today’s social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, word of poor workmanship or carelessness can spread fast. Word spreads even faster when customers are satisfied and that satisfaction produces referrals from family, co-workers, and friends who we’re happy to serve!

Our Owens Corning roof system starts and ends with 6 feet of ice and water shield to protect your roof decking and interior from leaks caused by ice damming.

Next is the drip edge. Many roofing companies use the minimum 3-inch wide drip edge -but not us. For extra protection, we use 8-inch drip edge, and that is standard with every installation. Do these materials cost more? Sure they do, but what price do you put on the peace of mind that you get knowing that your 50-year roof will be a one time, trouble-free installation?

The next step is to install synthetic felt. One of the disadvantages of tar paper is that it’s heavy on your roof, and it wrinkles when it’s wet. When the tar paper wrinkles, your roof shingles won’t sit flat – making them susceptible to damage. Our synthetic felt lays flat every time and it’s not susceptible to wrinkling. It is, however, 12 times stronger than tar paper. and is wider and lighter.

The days of starting your first course of shingles by turning a 3 tab shingle upside down are over as well. With the GAF roofing system, we use GAF manufactured starter strips and ridge caps. Have you ever seen a home with a 30-year shingle and the ridge caps are deteriorated after only 15 years? That’s because the “contractor” had a couple of 10-year bundles left over from his last job and cut them into ridge caps to save himself money. Unfortunately for you, he’s long gone by the time you find out.

Insurance Claim Specialists

Wind Damage​

Does your roof have shingles that have been blown off by the wind?
Are there multiple shingles missing from a recent, or even a two-year-old, storm?

If you’ve answered YES to either of these questions, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a legitimate claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.

All you need now is an Insurance Specialist to handle it for you. Someone who knows the business, someone who understands insurance adjusting, and someone who’s looking out for your best interest.

At Bucci Roofing+ LLC, we explain the process, measure your roof accurately, and put together the scope of the work to be reviewed by your insurance company’s adjuster. We meet the adjuster on-site during his inspection and even offer a ladder assist if he or she wants to get on the roof. We’re familiar with the rules and regulations of the State of Rhode Island to help make sure that your roof is made whole again.
Our success rate with this process is 99%.

If we can’t get your roof or a portion of your roof paid for by your insurance company then you owe us nothing!

Insurance Claim Specialists

Hail Damage​​

Unlike wind damage, where you can physically see that the wind has blown off your shingle, hail damage is far harder to detect, equally as damaging over time, and impossible to see from the ground in most cases.

If you’ve been hit by hail, schedule a free inspection from Bucci Roofing+ LLC right away because whether your roof is brand new or 30 years old, if we find signs of hail damage, you’ve got a legitimate claim.

Why is it important to act right away?

Once hail strikes your asphalt shingle, the impact disrupts the protective granules. These granules serve two purposes: aesthetics, and protection against damaging ultra violet light.

After a couple of years, and in most cases after your claim window has expired, you’ll begin to see granule loss, leaving your shingles exposed to damaging ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light will then deteriorate your shingle quickly, causing your asphalt shingle to fail prematurely.

Be safe, not sorry. If we can’t find reasonable hail damage on your roof – you owe us nothing. If we do, you can rest assured that you have a legitimate claim.

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