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Skylight Installation & Repair

Skylights are windows on the roof of your home that are great for allowing natural light into your home. They can let in up to five times more light than a traditional sidewall window. They are installed by removing roofing shingles, tiles, etc. and cutting a hole in the roof to place the skylight, and re-shingling the area around the light. Skylights can be installed on flat or pitched roofs.

Bucci Roofing+ LLC sells and installs Fixed, Vented, and Solar Powered Vented Velux Skylights.

Fixed Skylights do not open, while Vented Skylights open to allow airflow, and Solar-powered Vented Skylights feature a solar panel that uses daylight to recharge a concealed battery-powered control system that opens and closes the skylight.

Why Us?

Advantages of Skylights


Skylights add a wow factor to any room by bringing in more natural light, which brightens up the room and makes it feel and look bigger. Skylights add a unique lighting element and create a natural light atmosphere, which is a selling point for many potential homebuyers. Installing skylights can add equity to your home and increase the resale value.

Health Benefits

Skylights also have a surprising number of health benefits. Natural light can elevate mood, reduce anxiety, boost creativity, and lower blood pressure. Increased exposure to sunrise and sunset can help regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep cycle. Vented skylights also circulate fresh air that promotes health and well-being.


Enhancing your home’s lighting with skylights can also improve energy efficiency and save money. The influx of natural light means you will use less electric lighting and decrease your utility bill. When properly installed by a professional, quality skylights can also save money on heating and cooling costs.


Skylights also provide ventilation and improved airflow, creating a healthier indoor air environment and keeping rooms comfortable. Skylights are a great option in kitchens and bathrooms for venting cooking odors and smoke and releasing steam and condensation.

Bucci Roofing+ LLC

VELUX Brand Skylights

At Bucci Roofing+ LLC, we sell and install premium VELUX brand skylights in three varieties: fixed, vented, and solar-powered vented. With over 80 years of experience, VELUX is the market leader in manufacturing skylights and roof windows. With VELUX you get:

VELUX skylights include three layers of protection from water leaks.

VELUX glass is incredibly smooth, dispersing water evenly, removing dirt more quickly, and reducing water spots. Reduce unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than a standard double pane glass. Skylight glass panels are laminated for safety and durability.

VELUX offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty in the event that your skylights experience leaks or are damaged by hail.

Bucci Roofing+ LLC

Skylight Installation & Repair

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